Subsidy & valorisation projects

Drive Innovation is one of the four major themes to set course of the Lely strategy.  With our worldwide network, 4 R&D departments (500 FTE), a growing patent portfolio (>1,600 patents) and an install base of more than 50,000 robotics solutions, Lely is known worldwide as one of the larger high-tech robot suppliers that is highly dependent on innovation. Currently Lely supplies already to customers in 45 countries worldwide.

To maintain the current pioneer position of Lely, we creating/ joining several research projects together with other field players such as universities, robot developers, and suppliers. With subsidy schemes facilitated by the government we are also able to comply with future government legislation.


  • Knowledge utilization: utilize existing knowledge institutions for Lely innovations.
  • Inspiration: aware of the state of the art technologies and translate them to Lely solutions.
  • Validation: the validation of developed Lely innovations (testing, scientific papers).
  • Social impact: including social challenges as part of the Lely roadmap.

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Did you know?

Did you know?

-  Lely has its own patent office with 1.500 active patents
-  Lely already participates in more than 25 valorization projects

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