No more hassle with hooves

Cows with healthy hooves are more productive and need less attention. Adopting an all-round approach with corrective and preventive treatment improves hoof health for your whole farm. With the Lely Meteor approach, you reduce hoof disease such as Mortellaro’s disease (digital dermatitis) in a safe and sustainable way. This not only improves your job satisfaction but also the productivity and well-being of your cows.

All-round approach

For optimum hoof health, all factors that have an effect thereon need to be taken into account. To establish the current situation, a Farm Management Support (FMS) specialist checks aspects ranging all the way from the floor to the cubicle, and from the fodder to how hoof health is managed. In combination with your own goals, the FMS specialist provides advice for barn and management optimisation to promote hoof health.

Corrective hoof care

The first phase starts with corrective hoof treatment of all cows based on the Meteor approach. Treated hooves are checked again and, where necessary, treated further until the hoof is restored to complete health. Hoof health is thereby vastly improved across the whole farm in a short period of time.

Preventive hoof care

In the second phase, the Lely Meteor sprayers are used for preventive treatment. The Automatic Sprayer is installed in our automatic milking system, the Lely Astronaut. This means that the automatic sprayer takes a task out of your hands without adding more time to milking. Dry cows and calves are regularly treated with the Mobile Sprayer.

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Animal health

Healthy cows are crucial for every dairy farm. A healthy herd contributes to a healthy business. The combination of stress-free cows enjoying enough space, behaving naturally and a healthy rumination contributes to the total cow health reducing the risk of diseases and infection.